Marketing Department – Walton College of Business (2022-2023 edition)

This text is an adapted remixed version of Lumen Learning’s Principles of Marketing. It was  first adopted at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in 2020 and subsequently enhanced and improved in 2021 with support from the NSCC School of Business and Creative Industries faculty. This adaptation was supported by the Open Educational Resources group

Faculty team members for the 2022 revision project included: Rebecca Miles, Jonathon Lezon, Brandon Spurlock, Manisha Shukla, and John Fogarty.

About Lumen Learning and the original edition of this work

Lumen Learning’s mission is to make great learning opportunities available to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background.

The Lumen online course Principles of Marketing was developed by Lumen Learning. Primary sources for the course include Introducing Marketing by John Burnett, Boundless Marketing, and videos provided by the BBC.


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