159 9.5 Name Selection

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the connection between brand and name
  • Outline key steps in the naming process
  • Explain the importance of name selection in the success of a brand

How important is naming in the success of a brand? Very important.

Consider the function of a brand name: It identifies a product, service, or company and differentiates it from competitors. But it does much more than that. It can generate attention or make something utterly forgettable. It can evoke positive or negative feelings and emotions. It can capture the imagination or drive someone to boredom. It can make a remarkable or unremarkable first impression.

Naming can be difficult in the crowded, increasingly global marketplace in which businesses operate today. As you understand the role of naming and the systematic process for selecting a new brand name, you can help lead your organization in making wise, informed choices about this essential element of branding.

Learning Activities

  • Reading: Name Selection
  • Self Check: Name Selection


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