150 9.2 Elements of Brand

Learning Objectives

  • Define brand
  • Explain elements that contribute to a brand and the brand-building process
  • Explain how brands contribute value to organizations and consumers
  • Describe different types of brands
  • Describe the elements of brand and how brands add value to an organization’s products and services

If you walk through a parking lot at school, work, or the local mall, chances are good that you could identify all the car brands just by looking at hood emblems. When you spot someone with a “swoosh” on their T-shirt, you probably already know they’re wearing Nike-brand apparel without even asking. How is it possible to know so much just by looking at an image or a shape? The answer is branding!

These familiar symbols are the tangible marks of branding in our everyday lives. But brands are much more than just logos and names. Brands also encompass everything else that contributes to your perception of that brand and what it represents.

Learning Activities

  • Reading: Elements of Brand
  • Video: REI Builds Brand by Closing on Black Friday
  • Reading: Types of Brands


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