141 8.4 Developing Positioning Statements

Learning Objectives

  • Describe a standard structure for positioning statements
  • Outline criteria for a strong positioning statement
  • Recognize good examples of positioning statements
  • Create a positioning statement aligned with a value proposition and target audience
  • Develop and evaluate positioning statements based on defined criteria

After marketers work through the process of homing in on the best positioning strategy, they arrive at the final step: the positioning statement. The positioning statement reflects everything you’ve learned up to that point about how your product, service, or brand can best reach your target segment. As a document, it explains exactly how you plan to provide value to those target customers. In effect, it’s a short, persuasive argument.

In this next section, you’ll learn a simple formula for creating effective positioning statements. You’ll also learn how to evaluate existing positioning statements and decide whether and how they might be improved.


Learning Activities

  • Reading: Developing Positioning Statements



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