189 10.6 Challenges for New Products

Learning Objectives

  • Explain common challenges of new products
  • Identify approaches to improving the success of new products
  • Identify the challenges associated with marketing a new product successfully

Have you ever waited in line to be among the first to buy a new product when it was released?

Are you careful, maybe pragmatic, about trying new products?

Do you continue to use products that your friends and family believe are outdated?

Your answers to these questions matter to the marketers who are targeting you. We have looked at the life cycle of products and the process for developing new products. As a buyer, you have specific attitudes and behaviors when it comes to new products—or at least toward groups of products. These behaviors are both intriguing and vexing to marketers.

Learning Activities

  • Reading: Diffusion of Innovation
  • Reading: Improved Success in Product Development
  • Self Check: Challenges for New Products




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