Post-Processing and Blackboard

Many of the final activities for publishing will be performed by the OER Librarian

Post-Creation processing activities the library will:

  1.      Review your final checklist items
  2.      Verify your cover has all of the cover elements (We can help you develop your cover!)
  3.      Create a digital object identifier (DOI) and modify book information
  4.      Add the adoption form (for assessment)
  5.      Create the export digital pdf file for the University of Arkansas catalog and add to the catalog
  6.      Add the book information to ScholarWorks (our libraries’ IR)
  7.      Add the book information to the Open Education Network

Integrating your Webbook to Blackboard

The University of Arkansas does not currently support an LTI integration with Blackboard; however, our Global Campus Office will be able to help you. Please contact the OER librarian to identify your Global Campus Instructional Designer.





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