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Contributors are anyone who had a role in the creation of the book. In Pressbooks, contributor roles are assigned on the Book Info page and include the following: Author, Editor, Translator, Reviewer, Illustrator, and Contributor.

Contributor roles on the Book Info page.
Different contributor roles include Author, Editor, Translator, and more. Each contributor role can have multiple contributors listed.

Before a contributor can be added to the fields on the Book Info page for the roles above, however, the contributor name must first be added to your book from the Contributors page.

Creating a New Contributor

There are a few ways to access the Contributors page, depending on where you are in Pressbooks.

From the left sidebar menu: Hover over Book Info and select Contributors.

From the Book Info page: Click Create New Contributor under any contributor role.

From the chapter editor: Scroll down to “Chapter Author(s)” and click Create New Contributor.

Access Contributors from the left sidebar menu of Pressbooks.
Navigating to the Contributors page from the left sidebar menu.

Once you’ve arrived on the Contributor page, follow these steps to create a new contributor:

  1. In the “Add New Contributor” section, fill in the name and other details of your contributor
  2. Click Add New Contributor
Fill in contributor details and click Add New Contributor

The name will then be added to the contributor list.

Note that a name is required for a contributor to be created. However, you can choose to either fill out the “Name” field or the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields. The “First Name” and “Last Name” fields will override the “Name” field if information is entered in both locations.

Adding a Contributor to Your Book

Add the new Contributor to its designated role from the Book Info page. All contributors you’ve created are available in a contributor list.

The contributor list.

Whenever you click inside the cell for a contributor role on the Book Info page, all names in your contributor list will be available from the dropdown menu.

Contributor dropdown menu on the Book Info page

Select the name of contributor you want to designate for a given role. Then, save the Book Info page. The name will be added to the front matter or Book Info section for each book format.

Editing a Contributor

To edit a contributor, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Contributors page (Book Info > Contributors)
  2. In the contributor list, click the name of the contributor you’d like to change. You’ll be brought to the “Edit Contributor” page for that contributor
  3. Make the change
  4. Click Update
The Edit Contributor page with the Update button highlighted.
NOTE: You must re-save the Book Info page after you’ve changed the information for a contributor in order for changes to take effect in your book.


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