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What Publishing Tool is Right for You?

The University of Arkansas prefers that, for most texts, authors use our Pressbooks software.  We have selected Pressbooks due to its relative ease in learning and operation.  However, alternative methods may be used given your classroom needs.

There are dozens of tools available for authoring, publishing, and sharing your OER. Consider the following questions when selecting a tool:

1. What technology platforms am I already comfortable using? Do I want to learn to use a new tool as I author my OER?

2. What technology platforms are my audience most comfortable using? Will authoring or publishing in a particular platform require them to learn a new tool?

3. If someone wants to reuse or adapt my content, will it be simple for them to do that with the format(s) I’ve made available?

4. Do I have budget to pay for access to a tool or for advanced features in an otherwise free tool?

OERs can be in many forms.  The following blog by the University of Toronto provides a great introduction to tools used for open education publishing

Open Publishing Tools

Commercial E-book Publishers


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