Chapter Authors and Subtitles

In many kinds of books you will want a chapter author and/or a chapter subtitle. You might want a quote at the beginning of the chapter as well.

Pressbooks supports all these things, knows how to style them in output, and will also (depending on the chosen theme) insert this content into the table of contents.

To add a chapter subtitle and chapter author follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Edit Chapter page (or Back-matter/Front-matter Edit page).
  2. Find the Chapter Metadata box (depending on your admin screen settings this may be in different places!).

This screen shows an example of a chapter page with the location of the metadata and author settings on the lower left

  1. Enter your Author Name and subtitle.
  2. Update.

An upclose view of the chapter metadata screen

When you export your PDF and EPUB/MOBI, you’ll see this content nicely styled in your chapter, as well as in the Table of Contents (depending on the theme you’ve chosen).

You’ll see a third field there: “Chapter Short Title”. This is used in the case that your running headers are “chapter title” … and you have a long long long chapter title that won’t fit on the page. This option allows you to add any text you like to the running header.

All of the above should work for Front Matter and Back Matter content as well.


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