Your University of Arkansas Pressbooks Account

Access to Pressbooks by University of Arkansas authors is limited to persons working with the OER office. OER program awardees will be authorized a Pressbooks account if requested.

You will receive an administrator level account for your book.

First steps upon receiving your Pressbooks invitation

  1. Accept your invitation to your Pressbooks account. Upon acceptance into the OER program, the OER librarian will create an account for you. An invitation to accept the account will be sent out. A temporary book title will be created.
  2. Edit/add book information. The Book Info tab  includes important elements like the author name, the title, and the copyright license.
  3. Add and Organize Text. Import your manuscript or add in your chapters, then structure the content on the Organize page.
  4. Choose your book’s theme. Themes are the design templates for your book, which you can select by going to Appearance > Themes.



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