Interactive Content using H5P

What is H5P Interactive Content?

H5P is a popular plugin used to create exciting, interactive content on the web. For Pressbooks, H5P‘s demand is to create interactive quizzes and other activities in open textbooks and other open educational resources.

There are dozens of different kinds of content enabled by H5P. You can view all of them, as well as examples and more detailed instructions for creating the different types on the H5P website (Note: they offer different installation and embedding options, but that’s all taken care of by Pressbooks – you just need to think of the exciting things you can create!)

You may also check out this excellent resource called The H5P Pressbooks Kitchen created by our friends at BC Campus! This contains many examples and support information, as well as lots of community engagement regarding H5P that you may find helpful in creating your OER.


You can also create your own custom H5P activities.

The following activities can be created through H5P

H5P Activity Types

AR Scavenger                         Augmented reality fun!

Accordion                               Create vertically stacked expandable items.

Advent Calendar                    Create surprises that will be unveiled daily.

Agamotto (Image Blender)    Present a sequence of images and explanations.

Arithmetic Quiz                      Create time-based arithmetic quizzes.

Audio                                        Upload an audio recording.

Audio Recorder                       Create an audio recording.

Branching Scenario                Create dilemmas and self-paced learning.

Chart                                         Quickly generate bar and pie charts.

Collage                                      Create a collage of multiple images.

Column                                     Organize H5P content into a column layout.

Cornell Notes                           Take notes using the Cornell system.

Course Presentation               Create a presentation with interactive slides.

Crossword                                Create a crossword puzzle.

Dialog Cards                             Create text-based turning cards.

Dictation                                   Create a dictation with instant feedback.

Documentation Tool               Create a form wizard with text export.

Drag and Drop                          Create drag and drop tasks with images.

Drag the Words                        Create text-based drag and drop tasks.

Essay                                          Create Essay with instant feedback.

Fill in the Blanks                       Create a task with missing words in a text.

Find Multiple Hotspots            Create many hotspots for users to find.

Find the Hotspot                       Create image hotspots for users to find.

Find the words                          Grid word search game.

Flashcards                                  Create stylish and modern flashcards.

Guess the Answer                     Create an image with a question and answer.

Iframe Embedder                      Embed from a url or a set of files.

Image Choice                             Create a task where the alternatives are images.

Image Hotspots                         Create an image with multiple info hotspots.

Image Juxtaposition                 Create interactive images.

Image Pairing                            Drag and drop image matching game.

Image Sequencing                    Place images in the correct order.

Image Slider                              Easily create an Image Slider.

Information Wall                      Create information panels that users can filter for relevant keywords.

Interactive Book                       Create small courses, books, and tests.

Interactive Video                      Create videos enriched with interactions.

KewAr Code                              Create QR codes for different purposes.

Mark the Words                       Create a task where users highlight words.

Memory Game                         Create the classic image pairing game.

Multiple Choice                        Create flexible multiple-choice questions.

Personality Quiz                       Create personality quizzes.

Quiz (Question Set)                  Create a sequence of various question types.

Single Choice Set                      Create questions with one correct answer.

Sort the Paragraphs                  Create a set of paragraphs to be sorted.

Speak the Words                        Answer a question using your voice (Chrome only).

Speak the Words Set                 Create a series of questions answered by speech (Chrome only).

Structure Strip                           Interactive structure strip.

Summary                                     Create tasks with a list of statements.

Timeline                                       Create a timeline of events with multimedia.

True/False Question                  Create True/False questions.

Virtual Tour (360)                       Create 360 environments with interactions.

In order to start using H5P, you will need to activate it in for your Webbook.

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Find H5P and click activate

The plugin screen is highlighted and opened with emphasis on the H5P area with the activate link

After you have activated the H5P application, it will appear on the left sidebar.

The left sidebar after the H5P app is added. H5P link to menu is at the bottom of the sidebar

Follow these steps to add an H5P element to your book. Please note that individual H5P tools require additional, separate installations.

  1. Navigate to the H5P Content menu and select Add New.
  2. Select content type from the menu.
  3. Install the content type by clicking on “Get” and following the steps indicated (if necessary).
  4. Enter the information for your quiz/activity etc.
  5. Click on Create when you’re done!

This is an example of a H5P multiple choice screen showing choices for adding images and question contents

Now that you’ve created your element, you can add it to your chapter. To do so:

  1. Copy the shortcode displayed in the top right of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the chapter where you would like add the element.
  3. Paste the shortcode into place (you can do this in the visual editor, no need to switch to text).
  4. Save your chapter.
  5. View the web version to see the element in action.
  6. Export other desired formats to see the fallback message

You may also add the H5P content by:

  1. Placing your cursor at the place in the text at which you would like to add the element
  2. Go to the link of your H5P content
  3. Select your content to add

This shows that the Add H5P content is now listed above the text window

Using Math in H5P Activities

You can draft equations inside of H5P elements in Pressbooks with MathJax LaTeX. You’ll first need to add the mathematics library to your book’s H5P setup in Pressbooks. To do this:

  1. Make sure you have H5P activated and have the mathematics library from H5P downloaded to your device
  2. Go to H5P Content > Libraries from the left sidebar menu
  3. Click Choose File and add the H5P mathematics library
  4. Click Upload

To find the H5P mathematics library and read more about how to use LaTeX in H5P, see Mathematical expressions in H5Ps.

For more information about drafting equations in LaTeX, see the MathJax LaTeX section.

H5P tab showing the Libraries page with the file upload highlighted

Render LaTeX in H5P Activities

You can render LaTeX inside of H5P activities you’ve created in Pressbooks, but you’ll first need to add the mathematics library to your book’s H5P libraries page. To do this:

  1. Activate the H5P plugin
  2. Download H5P’s mathematics library to your device
  3. Click H5P Content > Libraries from the left sidebar menu
  4. Click Choose File and select the H5P mathematics library file you downloaded in step 2.
  5. Click Upload



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