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Lynn Meade


There are so many helpful videos and activities that I want to share with you so I decided to create this overflow section.  Whether you are a student wanting to know more, a business person looking for insights, or a teacher looking for classroom ideas, these extra activities and resources are here for you.



Spice Up Your Speech


  • To target emotions when telling a speech.
  • To gain experience telling stories.
  • To use language, vocal changes, and body language to elicit emotion.


Nancy Duarte suggests that emotions are the condiments of speech.  Students will tell a true story and try to elicit one of the emotions from the list to “spice up” their speech. They can elicit emotion by their story choice, language choice, vocal changes, and body language.

  1. Write or project the emotions on the board: passion, vulnerability, awe, regret, excitement, fear, and power.
  2. Give students five minutes to prepare a story that uses that emotion.
  3. Have students sit in small groups and tell their stories. Have the audience guess the emotion.
  4. Have the audience coach the storyteller on how they could do it better.
  5. At another session, have the student stand up and tell the story to the whole class.

Note: I have some practice speeches where students stand in front of the class and speak and others where they sit at their desks in a circle and share.  When I’m working on the skill–I have them present in small groups first and then the next class, I have them stand up for the full presentation experience. If you have time for only one activity, I suggest letting them sit down in a circle with a small group or use break-out groups online.


Will Smith on Skydiving

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Why Storytelling is More Trustworthy Than Presenting Data


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Waiting for Water

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Why Storytelling Matters

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Achieving Your Childhood Dreams


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Storytelling in Teaching

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This is Your Brain on Communication

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