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Lynn Meade


There are so many helpful videos and activities that I want to share with you so I decided to create this overflow section.  Whether you are a student wanting to know more, a business person looking for insights, or a teacher looking for classroom ideas, these extra activities and resources are here for you.



Phillips, D.J. (2019). The 110 techniques of communication and public speaking. Ted. https://youtu.be/K0pxo-dS9Hc


Diep, K. (2019). I hired a speech therapist to fix my boring voice. Buzzfeed Video. https://youtu.be/nLDRQYeYQJg


One of the most famous examples of speech coaching is Margaret Thatcher, who worked to strengthen the authority in her voice.

Margaret Thatcher voice before/after. (2011). https://youtu.be/28_0gXLKLbk Standard YouTube License.


Valentine, C. (2018). The visual and verbal methods: A key secret to making your points stick. https://youtu.be/8rQfcEIC5fA


Emdin, C. (2013). Teach teachers how to create magic.  Ted https://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_emdin_teach_teachers_how_to_create_magic?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare



The Distilled Man. How to stop saying “um”, “like,” and “You Know.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W995352_kkw

Garcia, Amaya, L. (2021). Why do we like, hesitate when we um speak? https://youtu.be/FsMWbVrjucg

Try these

  • Get a cup/bottle of water that is 75% full. Use a straw to blow bubbles into the water. First practice blowing so that the bubbles are even. Now try to hum a song into the bubbles smoothly.
  • Try to sing all the ABC’s without taking a breath

The Power of Silence
Movies employ the art of silence. As speakers, we can use this in our speeches to create drama and raise the emotional level.

Every frame a painting. (2014). Martin Scorsese-The art of silence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUrTRjEXjSM&t=290s


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