55 Specialty Speeches: Pecha Kucha, Ignite, Moth

Lynn Meade

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Public speaking is hip. It is as hip as a coffee shop and as cool as bubble tea. What I mean by that is that people are getting together on purpose and for fun to make and listen to speeches. I want to give you a quick overview of three main ones, Pecha Kucha, Ignite, and Moth and encourage you to give these speeches a try. If they come to your area, go check it out.


PechaKucha is the Japanese word for chit-chat. It is a storytelling format where each speaker presents 20 slides that advance automatically after 20 seconds.It was originally used by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham to streamline long design presentations and more recently it has been used for PechuKucha Nights where people gather and share inspirational stories. 
20 slides. 20 seconds of commentary.
For more Pecha Kucha, check out there website.  https://www.pechakucha.com/
Ignite talks are likely inspired by Pechakucha (and are much easier to pronounce). Their tagline is “Enliven us, but make it quick.”  Presenters get 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The total presentation lasts 5 minutes.
For more information on Ignite Talks http://www.ignitetalks.io/


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