Unit 2 Fabrics


Fabric for samples should be 100% cotton solid woven.  If you are enrolled in AMPD 1023 Introduction to Apparel Production, this fabric will be selected for you and can be purchased during the supplies trip. A safe fabric is considered quilting fabric.


    1. Tote Bag Fabric – You will need 3 different fabrics for your tote bag. One for the body of the bag, one for the contrast at the top of the bag and one for the lining. The tote bag body and contrast fabric needs to be a heavier fabric suitable for holding the weight of the contents of the bag. This type of fabric needs to be 100% cotton and can be denim, twill, drapery, upholstery or outdoor fabric. Make sure the fabric is not too stiff or it will be hard to sew. The lining fabric also needs to be 100% cotton in a lighter weight fabric similar to the sample fabric.  You can choose any pattern or colors in muslin, broadcloth or cotton. Have fun with combining prints and colors. In addition, you will need 1 yard of fusible fleece.

2. Skirt Fabric—The skirt pattern Is a straight skirt with an invisible zipper and facing. If you are in AMPD 1023 the skirt pattern will be provided for you.  If you are        working independently you can use Simplicity Pattern #1559. You will need a 100% cotton fabric suitable for skirts/pants. This fabric can be light weight denim or twill. DO NOT PURCHASE FLANNEL, CORDUROY, VELVET, LEATHER.

3. Shirt Fabric– The shirt pattern is a basic men’s shirt (Simplicity #1544)   with collar and collar band, long sleeves with sewn placket and cuffs. You will need 100% shirt       fabric.  It is best to choose a print fabric so you can determine the front and the back of the fabric.

4. Pants Fabric—The pants pattern (Simplicity #1520) is an elastic waist straight leg pants.  You will need a 100% woven cotton fabric suitable for lounge pants. This fabric can be light weight denim, broadcloth, chambray, or poplin . DO NOT PURCHASE KNIT, FLANNEL, CORDUROY, VELVET, LEATHER.


Fusible Fleece will be used for the tote bag.Fusible interfacing will be used for the skirt and shirt.



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