8 Pattern Symbols

Symbols on patterns give a variety of information including cutting lines, stitching lines, alternation lines, button/buttonhole placement, fold lines and dots and notches, which help match the pieces during construction.

  1. Solid and open dots—indicated placement to match seams or construction details, i.e. pocket placement, pleats, gathers, etc.

  2. Single notch—indicates the front of a garment piece and is used to match pattern pieces for construction.

  3. Double notches—indicate the back of a garment piece.

  4. Double ended arrow line– used to indicate grain line.

  5. Double ended bent arrow line-used to indicate grain and to place pattern piece on the fold of the fabric.

  6. Dotted line indicates stitching line. The distance between the dotted line and solid line is the seam allowance.

  7. Solid line on the outer edge of the pattern piece indicates where to cut the pattern piece.

  8. Double solid lines on a pattern indicate where to lengthen or shorten a pattern piece for alternations.

  9. The crossed circle indicates the apex of fullness. Usually located at the bust line and hip line.

  10. The X indicates where to place buttons.

  11. The line with end bars indicate buttonhole placement and length of buttonhole.


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