This OER contains problem-based, teaching scenarios for instructors to use as they seek to develop the ability of students to critically think about employment, ethical, and legal situations that can occur in the workplace. As organizations seek to achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, difficult situations and conversations may occur between workers. Using teaching case methodology does not seek to provide answers but opens up questions and debates among students. Of course, legal statutes and mandates are indeed answers but there are challenges to mandates and statutes in the court systems.

Preparing to engage appropriately within these difficult situations and conversations require knowledge, workplace training and education, and the appropriate behavior from all employees. Hughes (2019) describes the knowledge, workplace training and education, and behavior as diversity intelligence. Critical thinking questions that guide participants’ examination of the case content are included. The learning activities allow participants to engage individually or with others. Students may be asked to create learning and/or training activities, assessments, multimedia artifacts, etc… as they engage with the content form this book.

The supplemental readings and bibliography include links to policy documents governing the provision and regulations of training and development, career development, and organization development such as the AHRD Code of Ethics, the ATD Code of Ethics, Government Laws, Regulations, and Mandates. There is also grey literature available such as organizational and institutional reports to provide context and analysis. There is also scholarly literature on the topics as applicable.

These scenarios are self-guiding and problem-based so that instructors may find them, not just theoretical, but user-friendly, practical, and relevant. A feedback template containing questions about the relevance, breadth and depth of content, usability, and user guidance will be available for users of this resource to provide feedback for updates and/or needed changes.

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