VIDEO 4: Cultural Competence in Acceptance and Adaptation

University students discuss what their experiences have been with either themselves or with others who are oriented in Acceptance and Adaptation.

Moving toward a more intercultural mindset, individuals in Acceptance (15%) are those who recognize and appreciate cultural differences and similarities, but need additional experiences, as they are able to “talk the talk,” but not quite able to “walk the walk.” These individuals may recognize and appreciate culturally different patterns and commonalities in both their own and others’ cultures but may not know how to advance toward a more intercultural mindset.

Adaptation (only 2% of people) is truly becoming able to “walk the walk” and to adapt one’s behavior within both cultural similarities and differences. Those who find themselves in the Adaptation orientation are capable of shifting cultural perspectives and altering their behavior in ways that are both culturally appropriate and authentic. Cultural competence is a journey, not an event, and one must continue growing in their cultural competence to have an Adaptation mindset. Those who reach this orientation have a strong sense of cultural self-awareness and understanding and are able to “bridge” behaviors across cultural differences.



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